Lori Miya Design

Beautifully designed. Made in the USA. Handcrafted with heart in Virginia. At Rowe, we love sharing these values with you in every piece we design, created by artisans in the long-held tradition of crafting beautiful, lasting furniture. We also believe quality and responsibility go hand in hand with environmentally friendly fabrics that will stand the test of time…which makes the combination of our brand new Moreau Sofa with sustainable, plant-based Evergreen Chenille performance fabrics such an exciting partnership!

Award-winning interior designer Lori Miya showcased her livable luxurious aesthetic in this recent design featuring the timeless appeal of the Moreau Sofa, perfectly complemented by the nature-inspired, eco-friendly elegance of Evergreen Chenille performance fabric. Visit https://rowelifestyle.com/handcrafted-with-heart/ to discover more about our commitment to quality and find a retailer near you! And read on to discover how Lori embraced the style of Moreau to create an artful home with handcrafted details…

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Lori’s design style is…
“Livable luxury rooted in modern rustic.”

3 essentials that every room needs:

  • Thoughtful lighting – “[This] is a must.”
  • Art – “A room seldom feels finished until this layer of texture and personality goes up.”
  • Personal items – “They tell your story and add character to a space. This could be as simple as a favorite book or a collection of items from travels. Add things you cherish.”

What Lori loves about the Rowe experience

“I appreciate how there is always somebody available to help me during each step from selection to delivery. It creates a process that is smooth and easy for me. This level of service and detail can only come from people who are dedicated to their craft and love what they do. It is clear they are a team.”