Handcrafted with Heart in Virginia

Artisan Quality

Created by artisans in the long-held tradition of crafting beautiful, lasting furniture.

Uniquely Designed

Custom-made furnishings designed with timeless appeal, each one unique to those who selected it.

Sustainably Crafted

Quality and responsibility go hand in hand with sustainable fabrics that will stand the test of time.


The art of style meets comfort in our new Moreau sofa, an instant classic with versatile appeal. Dressed up in fine upholstery or the casual simplicity of a slipcover, its sleek lines and slightly flared arms are always in style. Customize the fabric, details & more to make Moreau your own.

Lori Miya Project Reveal

Award-winning interior designer Lori Miya showcased her livable luxurious aesthetic in this recent design featuring the timeless appeal of the Moreau Sofa, perfectly complemented by the nature-inspired, eco-friendly elegance of Evergreen Chenille performance fabric.

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House Seven Design Project Reveal

From her start as a popular interior design blogger to her current role as owner and principal designer of House Seven Design + Build, Anissa Zajac has showcased her vintage modern aesthetic in countless stunning interiors. This project was inspired by the simple sophistication of the Moreau Sofa, slipcovered in a warm and inviting fabric that perfectly complements her classic, laidback style. Read on to discover how Anissa embraced the look of Moreau to create a welcoming space with organic details…

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Inspiring furnishings reflect the craftsmanship of the maker, and a truly unforgettable dwelling reflects the personality of the homeowner. Where these ideas meet, an artful home is born. Our quality, custom-made furnishings deliver thousands of color and finish combinations, to be selected with the purpose and creativity that suits every individual aesthetic. Every home tells a story, and your greatest contribution is yourself.


Sustainable Design is Always in Style

Our Evergreen Performance fabrics offer a responsible design choice for those in search of durability with a sustainable ethos. The yarn process brings together 100% recycled materials such as plastic bottles while providing a luxurious softness. Waste, energy and water consumption, and greenhouse gases from the manufacturing cycle are greatly reduced, presenting an ethical option for an earth friendly lifestyle.


Environmentally Friendly | Beautiful | Long-Lasting


Our Evergreen palette evokes calming shades of forest, sea and garden. Like the evergreens that inspired their name, these always-in-style fabrics deliver beautiful, timeless options. The plush texture of chenille invites you to relax in comfort.


Designed to repel water-based stains, Evergreen is the industry’s most powerful, 100% fluorine-free, plant-based liquid repellent finish, providing quality performance for effortless living and peace of mind, to handle life’s everyday mishaps in style.

Juniper | Birch | Ocean | Gardenia | Mesquite

Rowe Employee Spotlights

For us, "hand crafted with heart" is more than a simple phrase, it's been the core of our values for more than 75 years. Our Rowe family is a tightly-knit community based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where every member is an essential part of the process that results in custom-made furnishings designed to be cherished for a lifetime. From framing and upholstery to shipping and administration, these are the hands and hearts that work to shape the promise of quality, sustainability and beauty we deliver with every piece of Rowe furniture. This is our Rowe family.

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