John Laws

Proud part of the Rowe family for… 32 years

I love my job because… [It’s a] good work environment.

Favorite thing about my job?
The freedom to be creative.

To me, the idea of “handcrafted with heart” means…
Caring about the quality of the product.

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d go to…
The west coast of Canada.

Rather see a concert or sporting event?
Sporting event, the Green Bay Packers

Favorite musician or band?

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Strawberry (with the fruit pieces in it)

I like to spend my free time…
Playing horseshoes and football

Favorite part of the day at Rowe?
Quittin’ time

Favorite day of the work week?
Monday, because Fridays tend to be chaotic.