Urban Grace Interiors

Truly flexible design is a beautiful thing, and nothing embodies flexibility more than custom made furnishings with versatile style appeal combined with upholstery that’s engineered to withstand the test of time, traffic, and even weather. The partnership between Rowe and Sunbrella fabrics is a perfect match that exemplifies the combination of classic design sensibility with beautiful, high-performance fabrics. Our wide assortment of Rowe custom furnishings combined with Sunbrella’s many indoor/outdoor fabric offerings presents seemingly endless possibilities for worry-free design that reimagines the way we live indoors. We challenged Florida-based designer Erika Powell (Urban Grace Interiors) to create a space that showcases our best-selling Robin Bruce Laney Sofa and Mally Chair in an organic-meets-elegant style.

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Our Sunbrella partnership with Erika is an ideal pairing, showcasing the perfect fit we discovered while teaming with the creator of the most renowned performance fabric options available on the market.

Sunbrella’s durability is engineered into every strand, enabling worry-free, gorgeous design that’s long-lasting. Erika designs spaces that are used as everything from high-traffic rentals to cozy family homes with children and pets, making stain resistance and easy cleaning high priorities. “The fact that these pieces could be made with Sunbrella fabrics is a game changer,” enthuses Erika, adding, “I will definitely be ordering them for clients in the future!”

Pro-Tip: How Erika Brings the Outdoors In

  • Gardening is a passion of mine, so my porches and home are full of plants all year round! I also think using earth tones and neutrals really helps bring a more earthy feel to homes.

What She Loves about Working with Sunbrella Fabrics

Performance fabrics are such a game changer and have come such a long way. They are so helpful when designing rentals, homes with young children and/or pets, and indoor/outdoors spaces because you just don’t have to worry about ruining them. I would use Sunbrella on just about any sofa or chair that is used on a daily basis because they will just last longer!

Why Erika Loves Working with Rowe

Rowe’s line is approachable, timeless and comfortable and offers so many great fabric choices for their pieces, making it hard not to find the perfect piece for any space!