Lexi Grace Design

Performance fabrics have never looked so versatile, durable and comfortable. Our commitment to both beauty and practical solutions for everyday living led us to the perfect partnership with Sunbrella fabrics. Our vast assortment of Rowe custom furnishings combined with Sunbrella’s many indoor/outdoor fabric offerings opens up endless possibilities for worry-free spaces that do more than simply look beautiful—they redefine the way we live indoors. We challenged Phoenix-based designer Alexis “Lexi” Lundberg (Lexi Grace Design) to create a space that showcases our stylish Robin Bruce Laney Sofa and Mally Chair in a chic space that’s all about livable comfort.

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Our partnership with Sunbrella allowed Lexi the freedom to explore one of her favorite aspects of performance fabrics.

It gave her the ability to give clients the freedom to fearlessly choose a light-colored palette without worries about stains or sticky fingers. “We dreamed up a living area with creams, whites, and tans with tons of texture layered together for a monochromatic look,” says the designer, “and the Sunbrella fabric fit it perfectly!” Whether it’s in a quiet space for rest & contemplation or a high-traffic area that welcomes lots of guests or energetic kids and pets, the enduring combo of Rowe furniture plus durable performance fabrics stands the test of time in style. Finally, Lexi’s light & fresh approach allowed her to complement the furnishings with just the right amount of eye-catching texture from terra cotta pottery, leather, and plenty of greenery. The result is a space that is relaxed, yet as lush and luxurious as Sunbrella fabric itself.

Pro-Tips: Lexi’s Top 3 Tips to Bring the Outdoors In

  • I am always encouraging clients, friends and family to go outside in their own backyards and trim some flowers or branches from an orange or olive tree (or whatever you have)! Dress them up with a beautiful vase and you have saved yourself a trip to the florist.
  • Bring in texture, adding in sculptural pieces such as driftwood or natural stones to use as bookends or coffee table decor.
  • Open your blinds! Let the light in through your windows!

What She Loves about Working with Sunbrella Fabrics

Performance fabrics allow for us to dream up designs that are not only beautiful for the homeowner, but they are also conducive to their lifestyle if they have young children, pets or just like to enjoy a glass of wine on the couch. It’s the best feeling when you get to tell your clients, “YES, you get to have a white couch!”

Why Lexi Loves Working with Rowe

Rowe offers both quality construction and timeless beauty in each of its pieces.  With Rowe, I know that this furniture will last the family it will be serving, but it will also last through the design trends over the years.