Centered By Design

Centered by Design is a full-service residential interior design studio, known for their soulful restorations of historical homes and their expertise in crafting sophisticated and timeless kitchens. The design team mixes pattern, color and vintage touches to create homes that feel personalized, happy and easy for families to live in and love!

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Photography Credit: Ryan Thomas Lay

What are the three essentials you think every baby’s room needs?

  • A fun pattern
  • A unique color scheme
  • Creative storage solutions

Create the ultimate cozy and relaxing nursery by…

  • A fun pattern: Using the Lilah as a neutral base, then layering other colors in the room.
  • A unique color scheme: Placing a pretty paint color or beautiful wallpaper as a backdrop to your Lilah Swivel Glider.
  • Creative storage solutions: Considering all the angles! Large chairs like Lilah almost always work best in a corner, so make sure you have ample space, then add a side table and floor lamp for easy rocking and reading with your little one.

What makes durable upholstery the perfect choice for families?

A high performance fabric is a must with babies and kiddos. I love knowing easy clean up is possible and clients don’t need to worry about anything staining!

Photography Credit: Ryan Thomas Lay

Photography Credit: Ryan Thomas Lay