Kismet House

Designer Erin Conway is the creative force between the husband-and-wife team of Kismet House, with a casual yet elevated aesthetic she describes as “modern cottage.” For the past year she and her family have taken on the project of restoring a 100-year-old house in Northern California, transforming it into a warm and cozy space that embodies beautiful living. “It feels lived-in and collected,” Erin says of the Conways’ home, blending “traditional with cottage elements, while embracing some trends and contemporary touches.”

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Nature-Inspired Palette and Key Decor Elements

The overall palette of their home reflects the beauty of nature, in shades of green, blue, berry tones and neutrals. “This doesn’t mean I can’t bring in more color,” the designer explains, “but this palette is the common thread you’ll find from room to room, making the home feel extremely cohesive and inviting.” The Leo Sofa makes a vibrant accent to this color scheme, providing a splash of plush olive green velvet that stands out yet complements the space. The inspiration behind the Conways’ living room was the gorgeous Jurdarn mural that covers one wall, featuring shades of green, blue, taupe and brown. Combined with the antique pink hue of the walls and ceiling, the space radiates elegance with warm, organic charm.

Living With Leo Is…

Chic, comfortable, timeless

Styling Choices and the Leo Sofa

To complement the room without overpowering the mural, Erin carefully selected natural woods and vintage-inspired hues that harmonize beautifully. “The mossy green tone and light wood base” were what initially attracted her to the Leo Sofa, the designer says. “I kept the styling minimal,” she explains, “just two pillows in contrasting tones that also embrace the nature-inspired palette.” This approach accentuates the sleek and classic lines of the sofa, making it an eye-catching centerpiece in front of the room’s dramatic bay window. Casually comfortable yet luxe, the Leo Sofa is already a beloved addition to the room. “I think it will be used daily,” Erin says, “for cozy conversation, movie nights and snuggles.”

Why Kismet House Loves Rowe

Knowing the quality of the piece will always be amazing. Even when I can’t have an in-person interaction with the item prior to purchase, I know the quality will live up to my expectations!