Anne Sage

Refinement meets recycled fibers in Crypton Home Recycled Cotton, a plush new offering that pairs recycled cotton fabrics with Crypton’s state-of-the-art stain and odor-resistant technology. The modern lines and exceptional comfort of our spacious Neval Sectional Sofa make the perfect pairing with this eco-friendly textile, a match made in heaven that delivers both relaxation and sustainability. We partnered with designer Anne Sage to see her interpretation of our Neval Sofa’s style, in an airy California-inspired space that showcases the sofa’s chic yet comfortable vibe.

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Anne’s Top Three Tips to Style Your Neval Sofa:

  • Embrace the possibilities: Neval is truly so versatile! I haven’t done the math, but I feel like there are infinite possible combinations of the different segments. Don’t be afraid to play around and find the configuration that suits your space and your unique needs to a tee!
  • Choose your colors: The matching throw cushions that came with my Neval are great for a clean, streamlined look, but sometimes I like to mix it up by mixing striped pillows in with the solid cream ones. So add your favorite pattern — or color — for a fun, custom twist!
  • Don’t skip the details: The smallest details sometimes make the biggest difference, and the wood finish you choose for the legs on your Neval Sectional is a good example of that. The light wood legs on mine are beautifully in keeping with my design style of “organic California modern” — but I love knowing I could easily switch it up if I ever wanted a totally different vibe!

How She Designs with Performance in Mind:

“I consider my own home the testing ground for all my projects; I’d never ask a client to purchase something that I wouldn’t be confident to own myself! With a kid, three pets, and a full (translation: messy!) life, Crypton fabrics are the ONLY upholstery I’ll use in my house. The ease of clean-up and durability factors are paramount! And now that Crypton has introduced recycled performance fabrics into their lineup, I love being able to offer eco-responsible recommendations as well as functional and aesthetic ones.”

Anne’s Top Three Things to Love About Sustainability

  • Role Modeling: As the mom of a toddler, I’m seeing firsthand how she learns by what I do, not by what I say. So not only do eco-responsible design choices help to ensure a better future for my child and generations beyond, but I’m modeling sustainability for her, so that taking care of the earth is ingrained in her from the beginning!
  • We’re In It Together: It’s no coincidence that planet-friendly design is also people-friendly too. We’re all interconnected, after all! There are so many ways that our physical health can be impacted by our design choices, but selecting items that are eco-responsible is a great way to take the guesswork out of finding health-safe items for our home too.
  • Saving Dollars and the Planet: In the long run, sustainability saves money too! Investing in quality, responsibly made pieces instead of “fast fashion” furnishings means you’ll spend less on replacements and repairs over time.

Why Anne Loves Rowe & Crypton Home

“My success depends on straddling the line between timeless and on-trend. My work has to be eye-catching enough to be memorable, but classic enough that it has broad appeal. Crypton and Rowe are no-fail resources for fabric and furnishings that check those boxes! I always know I’ll find exactly what’s new and next, with a core of high-end quality workmanship to make a lasting impression.”